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Tourism in Georgia is an important component of the economy of Georgia. International tourism is a rapidly growing industry.

Batumi city

Batumi has not only new buildings, its best buildings are 19th century buildings, from the period when the city was free port on the Caspian oil route to Europe and was flourishing thanks to investments from the likes of Nobels and Rothschilds. Renovated old buildings and new ones in old style surround the square where you can find castle with astronomical clock and medea monument in the middle. Medea is a first world-known Georgian woman from Argonauts myth who took Golden fleece to antique Greece from oil-rich Georgian state of Colchis.

Tbilisi City

The city is actively developing its tourism sector. Thanks to low taxes and a favourable climate for investors, Tbilisi is ranked among the top five European cities by the EBA (European Business Association) Attractiveness of Investment index.
On July 15, 2014 local government elections were held in Tbilisi. Due to this fact there is a transition period in City Hall and the new government will establish city development plans in the near future.

Batumi Tourism Profile

Today, Batumi is a fast-growing tourist region. Batumi has undergone serious changes and reforms, significantly improving its worldwide image and making its investment climate more attractive to foreign investors. The hospitality market in Batumi is developing as the inflow of foreign visitors, businessmen and delegations increases at a fast pace, which is attracting well-known international hotel chains.
Currently two international upscale brand hotels are present in Batumi: Radisson and Sheraton. Other major branded hotels are under construction, including Grand Rixos Hotel, Hilton and Holiday Inn.
Today Batumi has become a distinguished tourist center on the Black Sea. Recent years have seen unprecedented measures taken to develop and encourage the development of the tourist market. The residential houses of Old Batumi have been reconstructed; water supply and drainage systems have been totally restored and renovated. Many tourist attractions have been created and international brand hotels have opened. Batumi has become a centre of cultural events and international gatherings. Concerts attract the participation of world celebrities and the city hosts international festivals in art and sports. Batumi is distinguished by its abundance of diverse architectural buildings, which give the city a vibrant atmosphere.